SN 21.6
PTS: S ii 279
CDB i 718
Lakuntaka Bhaddiya Sutta: About Bhaddiya the Dwarf
translated from the Pali by
K. Nizamis

Dwelling in Sāvatthi. And then, there where the Blessed One was, there, Venerable Bhaddiya the Dwarf approached. The Blessed One saw Venerable Bhaddiya the Dwarf approaching even from afar. Having seen him, he addressed the monks:

"Do you see, monks, that monk approaching, of bad complexion, of bad appearance, dwarfish, of such a form as to be despised by the monks?"

"Just so, Venerable Sir."

"Monks, that monk is of great power, of great eminence. There is no well-gained attainment that has not already been attained by that monk. For that benefit for which sons of good lineage rightly go forth from home into homelessness, that ultimate conclusion of the holy life: even in this very life, by himself having seen with his own eyes the higher knowledge, and having attained, he abides."

This was said by the Blessed One. Having said that, the Fortunate One, the Teacher, also said this:

Swans, herons, and peacocks, elephants and spotted deer, All fear the lion, although their bodies are not equal. Just so, amongst humans, if a small one is wisdom-endowed, There, certainly, he is great, and not the fool endowed with a large body.

See also: Ud 7.5.