Thig 5.11
Patacara's Thirty Students
translated from the Pali by
Hellmuth Hecker & Sister Khema
Alternate translation: Thanissaro
Having taken flails, Young men thresh the corn. Thus wives and children feed; So young men win their wealth. So likewise as to Buddha's Teachings, From doing which there's no remorse. Quickly cleanse your feet And sit you down alone. Devote yourselves to calm of mind, And thus do Buddha's Teachings. When they heard these words — Patacara's instructions, Having washed their feet, They sat down, each one alone, Devoted themselves to calm of mind. And thus followed the Buddha's Teachings. In the night's first watch Past births were remembered; In the middle watch of the night The eye divine was purified; In the night's last watch They rent asunder the mass of gloom. Having risen, they bowed at her feet, Her instructions having done; We shall live revering you Like the thirty gods to Indra, Undefeated in war. We are with triple knowledge true And gone are all the taints.