Sn 5.12
Bhadravudha-manava-puccha: Bhadravudha's Questions
translated from the Pali by
Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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I entreat the one who is very intelligent, released, unperturbed — who has abandoned home, abandoned delight, abandoned resemblances, cut through craving, crossed over the flood. Having heard the Great One, they will leave — the many gathered from many lands, hero, in hope of your words. So tell them, please, how this Dhamma has been known to you.

[The Buddha:]

Subdue craving & clinging — all — above, below, across, in between. [1] For whatever people cling to in the world, it's through that that Mara pursues them. So a monk, mindful, seeing these people clinging to entanglement as entangled in Death's realm, should cling to nothing in all the world, every world.


For Nd.II's discussion of the various meanings of the objects of craving "above, below, across, in between," see Note 2 to Sn.V.4 (Mettagu's Question).