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June 2005

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(2005-06-29) From the Anguttara Nikaya...

... and from the Theragatha

  • Bhaddiya Kaligodhayaputta (Thag 16.7) {vv. 842-865} [Thanissaro]. These verses contain the Canon's only reference to the full set of thirteen ascetic practices.
  • Angulimala (Thag 16.8) {vv. 866-891} [Thanissaro]. This collection of verses associated with Angulimala, the reformed bandit who became an arahant, contains all of the verses contained in MN 86 (the sutta that tells Angulimala's story) plus five concluding verses.

(2005-06-28) More answers to Warder

(2005-06-12) Sutta excerpts with commentary by Andrew Olendzki

  • Cula-gopalaka Sutta (MN 34) — The Shorter Discourse on the Cowherd (excerpt) {M i 225} [Olendzki]. In this brief excerpt the Buddha urges his monks to cross over to the lasting safety of Nibbana.
  • Dhammika Sutta (AN 6.54) — Dhammika (excerpt) {A iii 364} [Olendzki]. In the first of these excerpts, the Buddha uses a telling simile to explain the meaning of his most common epithet, Tathagata — "the Thus-Gone one." In the second, the Buddha tells a story illustrating how patient endurance is the best response to the insults of others.