Old News Archive
July 1998

Obsolete and unsupported links have been disabled and are highlighted like this.

These Wheel Publications are also now available for online reading:

  • [15 July 1998] Complete set of essays by Bhikkhu Bodhi
  • The complete set of BPS Newsletter cover essays (1985-1998), by Bhikkhu Bodhi, are now available for reading online. These short, crisp essays offer valuable reflections from a classical Theravada viewpoint on topics of importance to all students of Dhamma. There is something here for everyone. I've written short blurbs (2-3 sentences) about each essay to help you decide which ones to read first.
  • [6 July 1998]
  • By popular request, I've put together a short note explaining how to decipher some of the various sutta numbering conventions that you might encounter in your Dhamma readings.
  • [5 July 1998] Reorganization of the Theravada Text Archives
  • As part of the process of preparing the CD-ROM, I've been streamlining the file hierarchy of the Theravada Text Archives and tying up a number of organizational loose ends. Some of your bookmarks to these files may therefore need to be updated. Please let me know of any bad links that may have emerged as a result of these changes. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Here are some of the new URLs to be aware of:

Also, the Czech language translations of Dhamma essays have moved back to the Friends of Dhamma website (http://www.trailerpark.com/phase2/bartovsk/) , which has a fine selection of Dhamma texts in Czech.