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May 1997

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  • [19 May 97] Suttas added and indexed — Happy Vesak!
    • The Khuddakapatha, a short book from the Khuddaka Nikaya, whose nine short passages may have been designed as a primer for novice monks and nuns. It includes many essential texts that are chanted to this day by laypeople and monastics around the world of Theravada Buddhism.
    • The Snake (Uraga Sutta, Sn 1.1). One who advances far along the path sheds unwholesome states of mind, as a snake sheds its dried up old skin
    • A Rhinoceros (Khaggavisana Sutta, Sn 1.3). On the value of living the solitary wandering life of a forest monk.
    • Victory (Vijaya Sutta, Sn 1.11). Reflecting on the unattractiveness of the body as a way to gain insight.
    • The Going Forth (Pabbaja Sutta, Sn 3.1). King Bimbisara, struck by the young Buddha's radiant demeanor, follows him to the mountains to discover who he is and whence he comes.
    • The Cave of the Body (Guhatthaka Sutta, Sn 4.2). Those who remain attached to the body and sensuality will have difficulty freeing themselves from further becoming.
    • Pasura (Pasura Sutta, Sn 4.8). The Buddha discourages Pasura from trying to engage in a dispute with him, since the Buddha no longer grasps at opinions.
    • Quickly (Tuvataka Sutta, Sn 4.14). A description of the qualities of the ideal monk. The Buddha sets for us here a high standard of conduct, a valuable point of reference against which we can assess our own commitment to the Dhamma.
    • Upasiva's Questions (Upasiva-manava-puccha, Sn 5.6). Q: Upon what support should one rely in order to cross over the flood? A: Abandoning sensual pleasures.
    • Hemaka's Question (Hemakava-manava-puccha, Sn 5.8). Q: What is the Dhamma that demolishes craving and gets beyond entanglement in the world? A: Dispel passion and desire for all that is seen, heard, felt, & cognized.
    • Kappa's Question (Kappa-manava-puccha, Sn 5.10). Q: What is the island one can stand on so that one is not swept away by the flood of aging and death? A: Having nothing, clinging to no thing, Unbinding.
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  • [7 May 97]: Sutta anthologies are now available.
    • The sutta files (English translations) are now also available as anthologies, to make it easier to download many of them at once. I had to reorganize the sutta file hierearchy considerably in order to do this, so some of your bookmarks to the suttas may need to be updated. I apologize for any inconvenience.
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