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October-December 2011

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Vajjiputta Sutta: The Vajjian Monk (AN 3.83).
A monk who is having difficulty following all the Pāṭimokkha training rules can boil them all down to these three.
Sekhin Sutta: One in Training (1) (AN 3.85).
The various levels of noble attainment, described in terms of the degree of accomplishment of each of the three trainings.
Sekhin Sutta: One in Training (2) (AN 3.86).
A discussion of the various levels of noble attainment, dividing stream-winners into three types, and non-returners into five.


Saleyyaka Sutta: (Brahmans) of Sala (MN 41).
A discussion of ten types of skillful and unskillful conduct in body, speech, and mind, and of the future rewards open to those who follow the guidelines to skillful conduct. [TB]
Gilana Sutta: Ill (SN 55.54).
A short instruction manual on how to give comfort to a gravely ill lay follower.
Sattisata Sutta: One Hundred Spears (SN 56.35).
Life may be fraught with pain, but the breakthrough to Awakening is utterly painless.
Pana Sutta: Animals (SN 56.36).
The path leading out of samsara springs from contemplation of the Four Noble Truths.
Tatha Sutta: Real (SN 56.20).
Four things whose fundamental reality makes them worthy of deep contemplation.
Pansu Suttas: Dust (SN 56.102-113).
A fortunate rebirth is rare. Therefore: practice!


Metta Means Goodwill.
In this short essay, the author proposes a translation of the Pali term "metta" that is more in keeping with the Buddha's early teachings. [PDF icon]


Mahatanhasankhaya Sutta: The Greater Craving-Destruction Discourse (MN 38).
A long discourse in which the Buddha discusses how to understand the role of consciousness — as a process — in the process of birth in a way that actually can lead to the end of birth.