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January-March 2003

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  • [21 March 2003] Access to Insight turns 8!
    • This month Access to Insight begins its ninth year on the World Wide Web.
  • [21 March 2003] Print edition of Thanissaro Bhikkhu's sutta translations
    • A print edition of Thanissaro Bhikkhu's sutta translations is available in a four-volume book entitled, Handful of Leaves. Volume 1, which includes suttas from the Digha and Majjhima Nikayas, is available free of charge upon request from Metta Forest Monastery.
  • [19 February 2003] New study guide
    • Noble Conversation (Thanissaro Bhikkhu, ed.). An exploration of the nature of right speech, based on the Buddha's list of ten ideal topics for conversation.
  • [3 February 2003] A reading for Magha Puja (February 16, 2003), from Ajaan Lee
    • Dhamma for Everyone, by Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo, translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (2003; 14k/4pp.) In this short talk Ajaan Lee offers some very basic guidelines for laypeople and monastics, alike, on how to live correctly in line with the Buddha's teachings. The framework for the talk is the Ovada-patimokkha Gatha, a short verse traditionally recited during Magha Puja, the full-moon day in February.
  • [25 January 2003] From the Anguttara Nikaya:
  • [24 January 2003] Note to "bulk download" users
    • If you're a regular user of the "bulk download" feature (to download the entire website in one go), you'll notice some minor changes. First, the bulk download file is now named "atibulk.zip". Also, when this file is unzipped, you'll now see just two items (a folder named "html" and a file named "start") instead of a confusing flotilla of assorted files. To start browsing, just double-click on the "start" file. (If, for some reason, you prefer using the old "bulk.zip" file, you can continue downloading it and using it as before. I'll continue keeping it up to date.)
  • [20 January 2003] An introduction to the Commentaries
    • Beyond the Tipitaka: A Field Guide to Post-canonical Pali Literature In the centuries that followed the Buddha's death scholars in south Asia composed an impressive library of Pali texts largely based on the Tipitaka (Pali canon). These include commentaries, subcommentaries, historical chronicles, meditation manuals, and more. Many of these helped shape our current understanding of Theravada Buddhist history and practice. This article provides an introductory overview to post-canonical Pali literature and an annotated bibliography to the major post-canonical works.